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The Pretender - Toy Surprise

- Watch me review the heck out of the Centre half of this episode and completely ignore Jarod. It’s the anniversary of Catherine Parker’s death, what more can I expect?

- I don’t understand the picture of Batman’s eye on the desk. AT ALL.


- Big Centre tough guy is intimidated by Miss Parker enough to spit out the candy he sneaked from her desk, lol. I love Hayes. I really wish he had been in more than one episode. He seemed like a pretty decent guy, for a Centre sweeper/cleaner.

- “Unless you’ve got another father somewhere I don’t know about.” VERY FUNNY, MR PARKER. Gosh. I know we’re not really supposed to suspect he’s not her father at this point--wait... when was Ben Miller? First season? OK, so maybe we are. But seriously man, way to make me extra suspicious.

- “For once it will be just... just the three of us.” Dude, I don’t trust or like you, STOP MAKING ME SAD.

- This is April 13, 1998, yeah? Why do I need to know these things?

- How weird is it that the most recent thing I’ve seen Patrick Bauchau in is Alias and not Pretender? No matter how into Alias I’ve gotten lately, I miss this Sydney so much.

- Angelo! “Daughter sad.”

- Brigitte, what are you wearing? You look like a clown.

- How does Jarod know about the assassination attempt again? Angelo? It’s been too long since I’ve watched this.

- The file about the hit on Mr Parker is marked Arkham. This is also the name Raines filled in on Bobby Bowman’s adoption papers. I think it’s some sort of code name for Parker. And it ties in in some strange way to THE PICTURE OF BATMAN’S EYE ON MISS PARKER’S DESK.

- I want Angelo’s stash of DSAs. Just think about all the secrets he’s got hidden down there.

- Raines shows up at the worst moment. Knows Parker’s looking into Arkham, but denies involvement. The thing is, he has a good case. With the power off and everyone locked in, he’s screwed if his tank runs out of oxygen.

- Poor, dead Hayes. :(

- It’s actually kind of creepy how similar this episode is to The Box in Alias S1. Well, they both take a lot from Die Hard, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

- Jarod crashes a jeep out in the mountains with the troubled kid. Troubled kid must go for help alone. Bad and boring summary is bad and boring.

- Wee Jarod, Parker and Angelo! I love them so much. Miss Parker introduces Angelo to Cracker Jack.

- I’d like to try to organize DSAs/flashbacks chronologically. Not so easy once they stop dating them, but it would be interesting.

- Parker notices the bullet hole in the elevator from her mother’s death.

- Parker muses about leaving The Centre, tells Broots he should for Debbie’s sake. I love this episode.

- Debbie wants to be just like Miss Parker. Aww...

- Parker catches a bullet from Brigitte.

- “I want to KILL her, not SCREW her.” I love this episode so much.

- Angelo tries to force Parker to take the Cracker Jack and she’s like, ‘WTH? I don’t want any.’ But there’s a DSA in there. “Toy surprise.”

- It’s a DSA of Mr Parker and Sydney discussing Catherine Parker. “Life goes on, Sydney.” Mr Parker actually breaks down when no one is really there to see it.

- Parker climbs 26 floors by ladder with an injured arm in less than 15 minutes. Badass, y/y? The set is beautiful, too.

- Raines says that the people who are trying to kill her father are the same people who killed her mother. Knowing what I know now... well, I’ll just shut up.

- Brigitte fights dirty. But so does Miss Parker. XD

- LOL, Jarod. Walks away with a ‘broken leg.’ “I eat a lot of ice cream. Calcium, it’s good for you.”

- My shipper heart goes pitter patter when Miss Parker answers Jarod’s call without her customary “What?” and actually thanks him.

- Jarod leaves flowers with a card that says, “Her voice is inside you.” Knowing what I know now... Yeah, I know. I’m shutting up.

Alias - The Two

- Picking up where S2 ended, Syd wakes up in an alley, goes to a safe house, is told by (married!) Vaughn that she’s been missing for two years and they thought she was dead. She thinks he’s a double, fights him and almost escapes but he tranqs her.

- She wakes up in a hospital and talks to Dixon. She finds out Kendall is not the director of their division anymore, Dixon has been for almost six months.

- There’s a new group of baddies called The Covenant.

- Her father Jack has been in solitary confinement for almost a year, no visitors

- He was charged with resisting authority. Obsessed with Sydney’s death and contacted her mother who was number six on the CIA’s most wanted list. Certainly didn’t do him any favors in proving his loyalty to his country.

- Jack didn’t know Vaughn was married. Tries to cheer Syd up by saying Vaughn was never good enough for her.

- Jack tells her he knew she was alive and that she must find the files he was working on while searching for her with her mother.

- Because Sydney lied about remembering a location for a mission, it goes awry and she has to go rogue to retrieve a device. She goes to Sloane for help, even though it’s the last thing she would ever want to do.

- Sloane has been pardoned, is a consultant for the CIA, runs a relief organization called Omnifam.

- He says the Rambaldi device ‘Il Dire’ gave him a message, just one word: peace. So he turned over a new leaf. Syd doesn’t believe him. But he helps her.

- Syd waltzes back into the joint task force and blackmails her way to gain her father’s freedom.

- Jack shows her a video of Syd killing a man called Andrian Lazarey, a Russian diplomat whose murderer has been a mystery. The video is how Jack was sure Syd was alive.


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