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Challenge 9: RECAST!

Task: Recast roles from three different movies with the actors/actresses that you feel fit the roles better!

I actually really enjoyed this remake--I saw it before the original, which probably had something to do with that--but I couldn't stop myself from wishing I could see the movie with Caine playing both roles. And we know he can play Milo well because he's already done it. Jude Law was interesting enough and the last thing the movie needs is an added layer of mind games, but gosh it would be fun. (Sleuth on IMDb)

While I enjoyed the Sleuth remake, I did not enjoy this one. The way I see it, Alfie was a movie of its time and a modern-day remake rings sort of false just for that reason. Jude Law really didn't do anything for me in this movie. He didn't have that thing that made Michael Caine's portrayal so good. Watching David Anders as Sark in Alias, however, showed me that he did. Sark is a smirky bastard, but he's cool and that's really what Alfie felt like to me. Plus, we know he can pull off an accent. Also, Law's hair drove me crazy during the movie. Anders' hair is much more... naturally blond. Silly reason to recast, but there you go. (Alfie on IMDb)

Now, don't get me wrong here. I love David Warner, I kind of liked this rema--er... re-imagining, and Roddy McDowall died three years before the movie came out. So why do I think he'd be better? Because he's Roddy McDowall and this is Planet of the Apes. A Planet of the Apes movie without Roddy McDowall is a Planet of the Apes movie I wish I never had to think about. Just ask my almost never watched copies of Beneath the Planet of the Apes. (Planet of the Apes on IMDb)


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