Feb. 4th, 2010

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I've decided to give the 30 Day Meme that's going around a try. Even if I don't manage all thirty in a row, I'll get to them eventually.

day 01 → your favourite song

All right, it's only the first day and I've already hit a snag. I'm horrible at narrowing things down to a 'favorite' favorite. This is the girl who has a hierarchy of obsessions, remember? I can never pick just one. These entries will probably be a slice of whatever I happen to be into at that very moment, rather than pinpointing any one ultimate favorite.

So what are my current favorite songs? This question managed to catch me on the one day in almost two years when I wouldn't automatically pick 'She Loves Me. All of it.' I've been on a serious Glee kick this week. I rewatched the first thirteen episodes on DVD with my mum (she's hooked now) and we've had the soundtracks on repeat all day. There's just something about a bunch of people singing at the same time. It's what I love about musicals. And concerts, too. When musicians let the crowd sing a well-known song--all those voices singing in unison--it gives me chills. Being surrounded by it, even more so.

Somebody to Love and Keep Holding On are my favorites right now for that reason.


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