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2011-02-07 02:17 am

Spy_Land Big Bang - Jack Bristow icons

105 Alias icons - Jack Bristow, one per episode
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2011-02-05 07:45 pm
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Scifiland Challenge 6: I love you like pancakes

Pretender icons, wallpapers, macros, etc.
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2010-12-13 07:41 pm
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Celebrating my Pretenderversary.

Thirteen years today.
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2010-10-31 03:25 am
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This mental block is actually kind of hilarious.

And a little embarrassing, when you come down to it.

Do you have any idea how many times I've seen this episode of Dexter?

Oh, Alex Wexo. Someday I will manage to recognize you without reading your name in the credits of something, despite being used to seeing you in black and white and speaking with another man's voice.

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2010-09-03 10:46 am
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I just had a dream about a musical starring a young Michael Caine. He owned a yacht. A couple of men on the cruise with him were swimming, and when they brought the men back on board--with fishing line--one of them was holding onto two giant whales, singing about how he should have warned the people on the boat how much they were going to weigh but he didn't because he was too polite. The line broke, the whales landed on the boat and it sank.

It's been a while since I had a 'dreams are weird' post, but I think this qualifies. Actually, I think it might be the strangest, most nonsensical dream I can remember having.
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2010-09-01 08:05 pm
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I am still surprised...

...how much larger and more intimidating this building looks on TV than it does up close.

The Centre: Always Under Construction. (No, seriously. That orange plastic stuff is there in a lot of shots in the show and here it is in 2002.)

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2010-08-31 09:22 pm
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Oh look, more land comm spam.

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