Sep. 3rd, 2010 10:46 am
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I just had a dream about a musical starring a young Michael Caine. He owned a yacht. A couple of men on the cruise with him were swimming, and when they brought the men back on board--with fishing line--one of them was holding onto two giant whales, singing about how he should have warned the people on the boat how much they were going to weigh but he didn't because he was too polite. The line broke, the whales landed on the boat and it sank.

It's been a while since I had a 'dreams are weird' post, but I think this qualifies. Actually, I think it might be the strangest, most nonsensical dream I can remember having.


Feb. 3rd, 2010 10:35 am
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I just dreamt Alan Rickman as Judge Turpin was singing this song:

Wrong musical, brain.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]I don't have recurring dreams so much as recurring bizarro versions of real places in dreams. For instance, my neighborhood is relatively hilly and there's a river, bridge and woods behind my house. In my dreams, it's very spread out and flat, with little to no woods usually and the river doesn't exist at all unless it's flooding my backyard. I'm generally running for my life through the weirdly sprawling plains of my hilly, well-settled street. I hate it. It's cold and huge and wrong.

Dream!Melrose High School is huge and mall-like with a giant, two floor glass-enclosed bookstore where the library is really located. Reaching the upper levels of the exhageratedly tall building is usually accomplished by riding terrifyingly precarious escalators with no sides or handrails. One of my more recent mental renovations was a two floor bathroom with a hole in the floor you could use to see into the first floor stalls. Or fall through. Yeah, fun.

I have a problem with bathrooms in dreams. They're always broken, or the door won't shut, or someone's always in the room and won't leave. And locker rooms, which are always cavernous and dank and sprawling and definitely underground.

Dream!Saugus High is even more spread out than the real building and it inevitably has a large multilevel pool (but not on the third floor, no matter the rumors). I've usually missed weeks or months of school and have piles of makeup work that I haven't even started to work on and I either have some problem with my art class or gym class with the scary pool. I don't know how to swim any better in my dreams than I do in real life.

Whenever I dream of my childhood home, all our things (beds, dressers, clothes, etc) are still there, mouldering away in the eight (!) years since we moved. We're always there under different circumstances, but the appearance never changes. Why is our stuff still there? We obviously took all of it when we moved. Why do I almost never dream of Gardner? My former teachers and classmates play fast and loose with which dream school they're supposed to be at, but I never dream of Gardner classmates and teachers.

It is a very rare thing for me to have pleasant real-life based dreams.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]My first post was about fanfic obsession and school dreams. I had just graduated high school and I was constantly dreaming about not graduating because I'd forgot to do some assignment or another. Incidentally, I hate dream!Saugus High School. Dream!Melrose High is so much cooler and lacking in nightmarishly deep swimming pools (and inappropriate then-candidate Obama). Dream!Gardner High is nearly as nonexistant as my memories of the place.

I signed my first entry as I used to sign my old IRL journal, a composition notebook with a Nickelodeon bookcover taped on it that I've had since I was 11. I'll sign this the same.

The world is changing and follow the circle.
Miss P.

Fake Edit: I finally bit the bullet and downloaded Firefox 3. I only lost one add-on to incompatiblity. Not bad.

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I had a House dream last night. I think I was Cuddy. I think. It wasn't very clear, but I got the impression that I was. We were hiding or something...? I don't know. It was strange, but oddly pleasant. I like hiding dreams where I'm not running for my life. Not as stressful. I hate waking up tired because I've run all night long.
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I had a dream last night that I was Hermione and I was being chased all over some snow-covered place by Voldemort. Harry was there, too, trying to head him off and he was narrating the dream. I've never had a dream with a narrator before. Later, in a different dream, I was coming home from Boston on the train with people from various schools I've been to and I almost left my shoes on the train. Why the heck I took them off, I don't know. I got off the train in Melrose, took a detour through someone's house, remembered I wasn't supposed to be there and climbed down off the second floor deck so they wouldn't catch me. Once I climbed down, I was in a very crowded mall and when I tried to leave through the closest door, I ended up getting caught in the 'The Prince is Giving a Ball!' number from the Rogers and Hammerstein Cinderella that Christian used to watch over and over when he was 1 or 2. Then I woke up. And I have the song stuck in my head.
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I've been researching DVRs and DVD recorders because it seems like my local BJ's has stopped carrying VHS tapes. Anyway, yesterday I was in the middle of my searching when my VCR started recording. I did not program the darned thing ahead of time to do this because I didn't think there was anything on worth taping. I stopped the recording and turned on the power so I could check out the programs. Sunday at 9 PM on Food Network was still correct but there was another weekly program for Saturday at 9 PM also on Food Network. Set to start next week. Makes no sense. And it's not some strange hold over from Feasting because I programmed that each Saturday individually. Oddly enough, though, there was an Iron Chef special on so I ended up taping it anyway. It was like my VCR was saying, 'TiVo? You don't need no stinkin' TiVo. I know you're obsessed with Alton Brown so I decided to tape that show for you so you wouldn't miss it even though you didn't know it existed.'

In other weirdness, I've dreamt of Snape two nights in a row. He was depressed in my backyard in one dream and in a talking deleted scene book in the second. Oh, and I dreamt I had a sword fight with Jason Isaacs and won. There was also some sort of strange mechanical plant attacking our house.


Mar. 2nd, 2007 05:21 am
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I just had a dream where I watched someone jump off the roof of the house next door and hang herself. It's been a long time since a dream disturbed me so badly I've had to stay awake for a while or suffer the creepy follow-up dreams and tossing and turning consequences. I think it was my neighbor in the dream, but not really, you know? I had to keep my six-year-old brother from watching out the window. Then I had an argument with my grandmother, telling her to call 911, but she refused.
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I've been having extremely vivid dreams lately, only I lose all but the most vague memories of them seconds after I wake up. There have been a bunch of prison related ones, which is what I get for trying to catch up on a season and a half of Prison Break during the winter hiatus. Lots of running and chasing and other exhausting things.  There was a dream that involved my Harpy and another Spyderco knife you could fold different ways to have it be about four other knives. And I kept my Harpy on my left side. I thought it was weird in the dream, because it takes me twice as long to get the darned thing open left-handed. I dreamt Michael T Weiss was on an episode of CSI and I was really excited. Then he started talking about Jarod and I was even more excited. I'm typing this now a few minutes after waking up from another really strange dream. This one involved Alton Brown hosting some Food Network show and shaving his head. His hair started growing back, really thick, on screen and he turned green. He ended up looking like a jolly green Marcel from Top Chef, because his hair grew back in a similar style.

I have no idea how intelligible this post has been. I'm still asleep, I swear.
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I dreamt of AB last night. (Hm, wonder why?) He had gone missing, I guess, and Christian and I went around the house looking for evidence of his whereabouts. Because, obviously, that's where the evidence would be. I remember being afraid he'd gone snowmobiling with his wife in a field of... corn, maybe? And since the snow was only so deep on top of the corn, they might have fallen in and gotten trapped. Yeah. I was apparently babysitting Christian, because my parents came home a while later. With Alton. They just, like, picked him up with the groceries. He kept calling me Tanya. I hate that. It's one of the reasons I try to pronounce his name 'Al-ton' instead of 'All-ton,' like I'm normally inclined to do. Because I know how annoying it is when people mispronounce your name. (I know I've heard him pronounce it 'All-ton' at least once, but usually he says it the other way.)

Anyway, he asked me to get something to write my name on so he would stop forgetting and while I was down the hall, he sort of criticized me for not really liking cheese on omelets, because of the fat content of cheese. I don't like cheese on omelets because it gets all, er... icky, not because of fat. I mean, I'll take a bit of cheddar every now and then, but I despise American. It took me a ridiculously long time to search for my AB books, which were a lot more worn-looking than they really are. I brought one out for him to sign and he did, even though I never got that piece of paper with my name written on it for him. I think that's around where I woke up.

So, yeah. I'm going back to sleep.


Oct. 16th, 2006 02:45 pm
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Last night, I fell into the grass-covered pond in my backyard, Catherine told Grissom she loved him in a fanvid and Alan Rickman washed dishes in my basement.


Dreams are weird.


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