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I solved my InTeen problem from earlier and I've been trying to convince myself to make some type of simming update, to no avail. Too tired, eyes too blurry. Blech.

So, instead of an update, here's a completely random and out of place sim picture. )

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You are 86% Russian!

Great job!!!!! You did WONDERFULY!!!! Nice try!!! Were you born in Russia? How do you know so much about it??? Well, good job anyway!!!

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I decided I wanted to try out InTeen. Sounds simple enough: download it, make sure all my hacks and mods are compatible with it, RTFM, install it, fire up the game and play. Yeah, not so much. After scouring my hacksnmods folder for compatibility one by one (time consuming liek whoa) I start up the game and, lo and behold, I must have missed something because it does not work. And because I'm on a Mac, all the tools that would help me figure out what conflicts are out of reach. *sigh* Next time I play, I'm gonna have to go 50/50 or lug my hacksnmods folder over to my grandma's PC. Yay.

The things I do for you, Retail Narrows. You owe me.

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HAHAHA, I exceeded the bandwidth on my background image. Boy, does my LJ look weird... Dunno, I kind of like it.
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From here: Your daily dose of Alton Brown (oh and that Iron Chef game)

Will I be getting it? Yes. Even though it makes me LOL like no tomorrow. Seriously.

Edit: They missed his mole, lol. Silly people. We even put it on our AB Mii.
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I've been watching my shiny new (and still slightly incompatible with my DVD player like season one) season two Dexter DVDs over the weekend. It's really put me in the mood for some Dexter fanfic in general, and for one in particular that I've been following over the past couple weeks. The fic has been updated with amazing frequency and the final chapter was posted tonight. (A little later than usual, almost causing me to give up, shut off my computer and mope. I really wanted to see what happened! My patience was, however, rewarded.) So, without further ado...

In Pursuit Of... by [profile] vryneatmonster
Dexter and Debra’s pursuits bring them uncomfortably close to one another’s secrets. Set a few months after season two. The point of view alternates between Debra and Dexter.

And for a bonus, some of the only other Dex fics I've read:

Water Through a Rusted Pipe by Pirate Perian
Rating: K+
Deb sees a side of her brother that she's never seen before, and asks some awkward questions. Dexter, in answering them, decides to experiment with truth. S2 spoilers.

Something is Cracking by Pirate Perian
Rating: T
Deb catches Dexter in the act. Spoilers for all of season 2. Can be read as a stand-alone, but it works better as a follow-up to "Water Through a Rusted Pipe."
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...and this is my 400th entry. Which is the only milestone posting I think I've noticed.


Aug. 20th, 2008 07:39 pm
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Got my [community profile] sshg_exchange prompts today! I'm really excited. I missed the exchange, it's been too long.

Note to self: No procrastinating!!!
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I actually fell asleep at nine last night. And slept until eight. It was the most reasonably timed night of sleep since Williamstown and the most reasonably timed night of sleep in the last couple of years at home. Now I just have to try to keep it up.
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Your result for The Perception Personality Image Test...

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Your result for The Multiple Intelligences Test...

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So tired. Must... shut... off... computer... You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown stuck in head for no reason. Argh! *passes out*


Aug. 14th, 2008 02:09 am
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So... I was on youtube watching various She Loves Me clips from all over the place. I just finished watching two or three versions of the song 'Where's My Shoe?' before checking my flist to find the summary to this fic in the latest [community profile] hgss_digest: "Severus has found Hermione's shoe. What happens next?" Yes, I'm easily amused. Even though the story has absolutely nothing to do with the song, it played right into the SSHG She Loves Me I've had floating around in my head since June.

...and now the song is stuck in my head. Goodnight.


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