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I've been getting a kick out of this blog for the past few days.

Semi-Edible: 1 part Sandra Lee, 2 parts vodka

They test out some of Sandra's recipes as written and report the results. Almost needless to say, most of them live up to the blog's title.

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Warning: Extremely annoying.

It disappeared for months, why is it back? WHY?!

Also, Sandra Lee? Graham cracker crumbs do not belong in hot apple cider. As if it wasn't disgusting enough after you added a glop over-spiced and -sugared butter and rum-extract-infused Cool Whip. I prefer my drinks non-gritty, thanks.

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Ah, Sandra Lee, she of the Drunken Christmas Tree and the Antique Dining Chair as Centerpiece... Semi-Homemade has always been ridiculous in a train-wrecky sort of way. It's good if you want to laugh or stare on in horror on the rare occasion she actually wields cutlery. However, her new Money Saving Meals show actually makes me angry.

I've been in such a Sandra Snit ever since MSM started airing. In SH, she made a fool out of herself on a regular basis. In MSM, she seems to think we're the fools. Especially if we've been following SH, as MSM is completely contradictory to everything she's been espousing for thirteen seasons. All she does is compare apples-to-oranges, pricewise, and pulls random prices for food out of who knows where. I know I shouldn't watch her new show if it only makes me mad, but it really is hard to look away. This article sums hits on some of my issues with her, and does it in a deliciously derisive manner. (As an aside, Rachael Ray gets a lot of crap from a lot of people. She doesn't bother me at all and you can say what you like about her, but she does not deserve to be lumped in with Sandra-Freaking-Lee. Rachael cooks food. Sometimes weird, sometimes unappetizing, but food. Real food. She's nothing like Sandra Lee. Sandra is truly in a league of her own.)

One of the main reasons I rooted so hard for Melissa D'Arabian this season on Next Food Network Star was because she seemed the epitome of the Anti-Sandra. That Melissa's show $10 Dinners seems to be in direct competition with MSM is icing on the cake. Anyway, tonight I was watching an interview with Alton Brown on youtube and, well...   

Semi-sane. Semi-out-of-her-freaking-mind. )
Oh, Alton, what timing you have! I was just wondering what you thought of Shamdra. Like I really needed a reason to love you more.



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