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Day 14 - Favorite male character
This used to be Grissom, before he got burnt out and depressed. Gil Grissom used to be such a huge part of my fandom life. The empty shell he turned into for a while there was difficult for me to watch, and it drove me from CSI before he left it, something I never thought would happen.

No other male TV character has quite taken his place. I love House and Frank Lundy and Dexter, even, but it's not the same kind of connection I had with Grissom way back when. Jarod was never my favorite and it feels like a cop-out to pick AB in Good Eats--fictionalized version of Alton Brown I think of him as or not, it feels too much like picking an actual person. (And if this question were 'Favorite Male on a TV Show, not necessarily a character', it would be Alton, no contest.)

So I guess I'll go with my obsession of the moment and pick Jack Bristow. I've always loved the character and, after watching Eli Stone and realizing I couldn't stand Jordan despite the fact that he was played by Victor Garber, I now know for sure my love for Jack is a heck of a lot more than just bias in favor of the actor who played him. That's become extremely obvious lately, rewatching the show.

It's also become painfully (heh) obvious to me that I get really maudlin when I try to answer these things with a bad headache. My head is throbbing and I wish my painkiller would hurry up and kick in.

Day 15 - Favorite female character
Miss Parker. 'Nuff said.

What, you mean I'm supposed to write more? XD It's funny how easy it was for me to answer this one, considering how hard the last one was. The only female character who has come anywhere near unseating Miss Parker is Irina Derevko (she surpassed Jack as my favorite character in Alias in a few episodes) and she is still miles away.
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