Nov. 24th, 2009 10:35 pm
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I've been cross-referencing the timeline of Titanic with the timeline of events on the actual ship--yeah, don't ask, I'm very obsessivestrange sometimes--and I seem to have hit a snag. As far as I can tell, they lost a whole freaking day in the movie timeline. WTH? Why has it taken me twelve years and countless viewings to notice this? Speaking of not noticing things for twelve years and countless viewings, this scene?

Guess what I never noticed until I watched last night. With the commentary on. And somebody pointing it out to me.

Yep, the Hair-Comb-of-Recovered-Artifactia. Four viewings in the theatre alone and numerous viewings since and every stinking time, since I was eleven years old, I must have been watching the scene like this:

Bloody Garber-induced tunnel vision. Jack/Leo who?

Anyway, back to the timeline...
Click for even MORE obsessiveness. And tables. )

All real life timeline info from this website.
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I took some pictures of my room the day I took the picture for my header image. I stumbled across them tonight, so...

here they are. )

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I've been watching season 2 of Alias because I'm hopeless obsessed procrastinating bored. It's my favorite season, what with Jack and Irina and... stuff, but I really don't think I've watched it through very often. The show had so much bloody potential... *sigh* I actually liked season 3, unlike most, but I didn't watch it until the DVDs came out. I think that worked in my favor because I couldn't even begin to imagine waiting weeks between episodes. Not being fond of Syd/Vaughn probably helped, too. I always thought a season and a half was not a long time to wait to see a 'ship happen and I liked the tension Lauren threw into the mix. Heck, for Pretender, I'm still waiting for my 'ship. And there's my requisite tP reference in an Alias post. Anyway... They blew it in season 4, with the S. A. B. Project 47 = Mommy-tried-to-kill-you-so-I-killed-her crock. Yeah, sure, that's what that file said, I believe you. And season 5, well, I'm still bitter. Grr. I'll just go back to season 2.


Jun. 17th, 2007 08:51 pm
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I was in a daze most of the day today. I woke up funny. It was strange because all this Victor Garber stuff from the past few weeks felt like a dream and when I woke up, I realized it was still real. Usually I dream of things that aren't real and have the exact opposite feeling. I'm better now that I took a nap (though no more articulate than I was earlier, unfortunately), but I was seriously not with it before. I saw Present Laughter two more times, once on  Wednesday and again yesterday. My brother went with me yesterday and I took his picture with Victor.

Not as shadowy as mine because we weren't under the roof of the building. All I could do was grin. *sigh* He was really, really nice. My grandmother said that when he looks at you, he looks you right in the eye and concentrates on you. I didn't notice that the first time because I was so flustered, but I did yesterday. Guh. I hope he comes back to Boston or at least somewhere I can feasibly go. The sooner the better.
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In fact, I believe I am more freaked out now than I was when it was happening. A lot more. Can't-fall-asleep-until-I-get-this-sorted more. This is why it was good I waited until the end of the runs for both Burn This and Les Liaisons Dangereuses before seeing them. Because I couldn't very well be tempted to go again if I attended on the last and second to last days (respectively). Here I am, though, two --all right, two and a half-- bloody days afterwards and I want to go again. And I really don't have the money to go again. At least, not with great seats. There's an actors forum on Wednesday, June 13th and I'm sorely tempted to buy a $15 last row balcony seat, if I can manage to get there. The theatre's not very big. There's a great seating chart on the website with photos from different positions and even last row balcony doesn't seem too horrible. I don't think I can let this pass me by. Not when I have an actor I've loved half my life so close.

Bloody hell, I've met Victor Garber. He had his arm round my shoulders. I nearly tripped the man. (Long story...) And that's about as far as I get in my recounting of the day before I can't type it up anymore. I will sometime. Just not in the middle of this little freak out.

I'm going again. If at all possible, I am going again.
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Will post more when I feel like I can form a half-way intelligent, well... post.
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I'm going on Saturday. The nerves are setting in a bit...
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Looks like I'm gonna cross another person featured in my icons off my list.

Mr Rickman, Mr Hopkins, Mr Brown, who's next?
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This is why I watched Alias. I miss Jack. Why'd you do it, guys? Pinkner, JJ, why?
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click for larger image

Made for the SD-1 June Fanart Challenge
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Hey Spy Daddy, what are you hiding? Andre Michaux isn't dead, is he? You just made it look like he died and he's really off somewhere safe. You said you'd do anything to help. Did you give Syd that glass of water for him? "Here, Syd, he looks like he could use a drink." You and your bloody Draught of Living Death. Oh, I've seen this all before. Not that I think that someone isn't dead. Just not this time, in Alias.

Damned spies. They're so unpredictable and hard to figure out. Whatever it takes, Jack. Whatever it takes.

H. J. Snape


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