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Lots of ADR on last night's House. LOTS. Bothers the heck out of me. Sometimes I wonder how I tolerate Glee.
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1. Do you remember your first ever thing you were fannish about as a wee one?
2. What fandom was your first (fan fic) reading fandom?
3. Are you very monofannish or a fickle fannish butterfly?
4. Did you ever feel really fannish and obsessed about a tv show/movie/book, etc. but without having the desire to write/read fan fic?
5. Did you ever have a fandom that was totally ruined for you by canon and/or fandom politics?
6. Where were you fannishly in 2003?
7. Where were you fannishly in 2005?

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Um, yeah.

Apr. 6th, 2009 08:56 pm
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Several weeks ago, I decided to swear off spoilers for House. I started toying with the idea right around Joy, but it took me a while to build up the willpower needed not to click on the lj cut links. Well, I'm... sort of starting to question whether swearing off spoilers is a good idea. I've got so used to spoilers kind of, I don't know... softening the blow certain plot lines may cause. I mean, really used to it. I've been reading spoilers since The Pretender was on the air. It's just part of the TV experience for me.

Spoilery only in the implication of plot twists. )
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Title: Adagio Cover
Summary: Cover art for Adagio by Kimbari
Pairing/Rating: Gen, G
Type of art: Cover art
Medium: Photoshop, Stock Image by veave_pl.

Title: Adagio
Summary: House and Cuddy unwind on the couch.
Pairing/Rating: House/Cuddy, G
Type of art: Cover art/illustration
Medium: Photoshop, Sims 2 (House is a tweaked version of Janey B's Dr Gregory House sim wearing the now defunct swordsims' House facemask, eyes and beard. Cuddy is mine.)

See the full versions here.

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Tonight's episode Here Kitty could have been called OMG, Purple EVERYWHERE! and it would be just as fitting. I mean, maybe I'll notice a couple of color coordinating outfits in an average epi, but wow. So. Much. Purple.

EDIT: OK, maybe now it's spoilerish... (I wrote 'OK, maybe now it's purple' first, lol.) )
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I can't promise this is at all coherent, but here goes nothing. ;)

Lecter, HP, House, The Pretender )
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1. HJSnapePM
2. The Roots of Rhythm Remain
3. Combination cover art-manip-illustration for sabinelagrande's The Roots of Rhythm Remain. But mostly cover art.
4. House/Wilson/Cuddy, G
5. Photoshop
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For the past I-don't-know-how-long, the letters 'MLC' have meant one thing to me --the ubiquitous SSHG Marriage Law Challenge, for anyone who doesn't know-- so reading discussions about the House episode 'Merry Little Christmas' messes with my head a bit. When did the episode air, the 12th? I should be used to it by now. Grr...
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I have Hugh Laurie's voice stuck in my head. I'm literally thinking in his voice (well, his House voice).

Should I be worried?


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