Jan. 9th, 2010

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The other day, I was watching my brother play Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on Wii. (I think I split the price on it for him with my other brother for his birthday. Dunno, but I do know I bought him a couple books just from me. <---This right here? Evidence of the weird priorities my memory has.) Anyway, I was watching and darn it if the character you play as doesn't look like Neil Perry from Dexter.


So off I went to imdb to find a picture so I could show my brother how much his character looked like the actor and, lo and behold, the actor who played Perry is the voice actor for the character in the game. Obviously, they based the character's face on the actor as well.

Then earlier today, my father was watching an old episode of CSI on Spike. I sat in the kitchen, reminiscing about how much I used to love CSI way back when and how this was a really early episode, Blood Drops, IIRC (and I did recall correctly), the one with Dakota Fanning. I watched a few more minutes before wondering aloud, "You know, I think the older sister is someone I should recognize now." That's an odd thought, someone I should recognize now, but who I wouldn't have the last time I'd watched Blood Drops. It turned out to be true, though. Dakota Fanning's character's sister/mother was someone I knew now, she'd been in an episode of House, Skin Deep, playing the teenage supermodel who was genetically male. I never consciously found the House character familiar-looking, but I must have made the connection subconsciously at some point, for my brain to have drug up such an odd observation today. "Someone I should recognize now." Weird. Also, that actress seems to be the go-to girl for incest plotlines. Geez.


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